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My 30s World

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Topic starter : Thursday, February 18, 2010 (6:19 pm)

They say that being in your 30s has its own advantages.

Okay, you might've lost the glow that nature gives freely once you enter your 30s world, but that doesn't mean you can't have it back, but this time you have to earn that "glow" to shine ;)

Anywayy.. for me personally, 30s is the right decade to start "building" a firm foundation of my life cause now I get to see things clearer then before and what I value the most in life will eventually come out to the surface.

Most people say that in your 30s, you start ignoring what others say, hohoho.. isn't that interesting?! It's not that we don't value their opinions anymore but we have our own value systems and we don't need to just swallow down all things they say without digest them first, whether the things they say match with our own value system or not, yihaa!

Cause oftentimes, I guess, we put too much consideration on what other people think that we tend to forget to stop for a moment to ask ourselves.. is this what we really want?

And I guess I've been taking the benefit on being in my 30s, that is why this blog exists.. to "record" the journey of my life in my 30s, so I still have for about 9 years and couple months to fill this up, in God's willing ;)

So welcome to "Me in My 30s World", and yes.. you might find many "unnecessary" posts here, but heyy.. that might be because we have different value on things that are "necessary" and not, ahahahaha.. cause for me, all things that I've written here mean something to me, otherwise surely I won't take my time to write them down, don't you think? :p

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