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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

aloha in 2017

rabu 11/1 (11:11 am

ga berasa banget ya tau2 udah masuk di tahun 2017 ajee - gimana tahun 2016 kalian

2016 buat gua adalah tahun campur aduk

in late march we lost our beloved Ii for good

in mid june my Ii's son got married

and sekitar agustusan dpt kabar gembira bahwa dua sepupu gua are expecting babies - bahkan salah satunya mengandung anak kembar ^o^

at times i feel like i still couldn't move on from losing my Ii - especially when my mom got sick since Ii was the only one who was always around and being by my mom's side

hari ini gua iseng mengklik profile gua di blogger and membaca beberapa postingan di blog yang bahkan ga inget pernah gua buat XD


membaca post2 gua di sana - i miss blogging - i miss questioning - i miss much things

rasanya my life lately berputar dan berkutat di situ2 aja - i even dreamed about my daily life at night huahahaha - it was a very strong sign that i really need a break from my routinity :p cause i usually dreamed of things out of the ordinary XD

well i don't know where 2017 will lead my life to but hopefully all things will lead me closer to God cause i feel kinda distant with Him lately

rabu 11/1 (11:21 am

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