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Sunday, February 3, 2013

dear you

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Sunday 3/2 (9:34 pm)

dear you,

i don't know your name but i like seeing you dance.. i don't know what you've been going through to get to the place where you are now but i just want you to know that you've been an inspiration to me and i thank you for that.. all the best for you..


tonight i have just finished writing 3 "thank you for inspiring" cards, i don't know all three of them in person, hahahaha.. but i just felt like wanting to write those words to let them know how they've inspired me in different ways.

one of 3 cards will be mailed and the other 2 will be handed directly, dunno when.. one of them perhaps i'll meet on feb 12 but as for the message which i wrote above, i have no idea when i will meet that person again, hahaha.. but i think i'd better write it down first and i'm sure my good intention will find its own way to meet the receiver ;)


Sunday 3/2 (9:43 pm)

2 raindrops:

Ria Tumimomor said...

for me? *ge-er mode is on*

-Indah- said...

Riaa.. huehehehe, tergantung sihh.. gua pernah ngga yaa ngeliat elo dance? :p

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