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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

QoD : God's Voice

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Wednesday 6/2 (8:27 am)

"Do you believe God still speaks these days? I do believe so, but I think the only (common) problem most of us encounters is.. we don't know how to 'listen' to His Voice!"


This question crossed my mind while I was busy cutting the wrapping paper into small pieces for decorating my postcards.

This got me thinking.. surely we agree that the universe is a big giant place to learn, and I think God can use many ways to catch our attentions.. He can speak to us through the things we love doing, or even the things we hate, hahahaha.. We can hear His voice from the games we play, from the books we read, from the people we talk to, and so many other ways He can use to 'speak' to us. He's a creative God, just look at how amazingly variative the sea creatures, not to mention the land animals or the various of birds!

I believe the whole living things have their own way to communicate with each other of their own kind.

Perhaps.. it's just us who's not willing to learn how to listen that we might think that He has done talking and is in silent mode until His 2nd coming.

And this has led me to my 2nd question of the days..

"How many times have we missed listening to His voices?"

Oucchh.. the answer might be, "lots of time!!".

Listen to His voice.. cause He's still talking until today :)

Wednesday 6/2 (8:41 am)


2 raindrops:

Sang Cerpenis bercerita said...

kadang kita gak peka dengan suaraNya ya.

-Indah- said...

iya, betul bangets, padahal mungkin banyak yang ingin dibicarakanNya dengan kita ya ;)

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