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Saturday, July 30, 2011

God Does Work in Mysterious Way(s)

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It's funny how from time to time, you come to realize that God does work in a mysterious way, how sometimes wishes do come true but you can't predict from which directions cause at times the way things happen is far from what you expect them to be.

Where do I get my conclusion of the day? It's none other from the pic above ;)

Do you know what pic is that?

It's a pic of a man and his cat, I've seen some variations of this pic at the Postcrossing's gallery but only about a week ago I learned from a kind Postcrosser fellow that the man's name was Pettson and Findus was the cat! And the illustrator behind these amazing "Pettson and Findus" series is Sven Nordqvist.

I still don't know exactly where Sven Nordqvist comes from and yeaahh.. I'm too lazy to use Google to find out about that, hahaha.. the beauty of mystery, that's how I'd like to call it :p


I've mentioned how I want a card of "Pettson and Findus" card in my main Postcrossing's account but still no one sends me the card yet.

Funnily though.. I finally get the above card.. from my 2nd account! Ahahaha.. I didn't mention about "Pettson & Findus" at all in my 2nd account, I only say that I'm more into illustration from children books, but heyy.. that's where the card I've been waiting for finally arrives ;)

Isn't it amazing how He has soo many ways to fulfill what we're longing for? Isn't it comforting to know He does listen to our heart's desire?

Sure.. sometimes we don't get what we want, no matter how much we want it, hahaha.. but in time I guess we come to realize that perhaps it's true that not getting what we want is for the best ;)

Be grateful for whatever things come in your life, they're there to shape you to be a better version of yourself.

And there's one thing that I heard from "Enjoying Everyday Life" with Joyce Meyer that I love so much.. she said that we need not to be like anyone else, just be who we really are and no need to apologize for that :D

I don't remember the exact words, ahahaha..

But I find it funny how God has created each of us unique with some slight differences with other people but at times we're doing our hardest efforts to eliminate the differences and be exactly the same like anyone else, ahahaha..

Be grateful of our own 'garden', even when it's not as green as the neighbours' (from afar).. let's plant some flowers and wait for them to bloom so let our neighbours have the greener garden but we can enjoy the beauty of colourful flowers in our very own garden, yeaahh!

Have a nice weekend to you all, take care ;)

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