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Friday, July 13, 2012

CoD : Look Closely (Before Jumping Into Conclusion)

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own collection of postcard

Fri 13/7 (4:55 pm)

Before you continue reading my post, will you please look one more time of the picture at the beginning of the post and tell me what you see?

Quite sometime before I have the postcard version, I already had the bookmark version of this very image, and since the first time I saw this, I always thought it was a pic of Mr. Postcat who was ready to deliver some mails, ahahaha.. 

Now let's see, I thought the 'bread' was the postbag while the knife is the sling of the bag, wakakakakakak :p

I didn't even notice that it wasn't like I thought it would be, if only I didn't send this card away, hahaha.. as I was writing on the back of the card before sending it to my friend, suddenly it strucked me.. no, it wasn't a pic of Mr. Postcat! This cat wasn't going to deliver any mails, all he was going to do was cutting the bread with his knife!

Oh myy.. I was laughing so hard when I could finally see what was really in the picture and not blind-sided by what I thought it would be :p

This simple 'enlightment' made me realize that at times.. perhaps we need to take a (very) deep breath and really take some time to look closely on what we see before jumping into conclusion way too quickly, cause there's a fat chance that our first perception on what we saw for the first time wasn't exactly what it really was :)

Seeing things for what they truly are ain't as easy as saying it, I think it needs lots of practice and the ability of being objective all the times, cause like it or not, most of the times I guess we see things as we wish them to be (or not to be) and refuse to accept the 'reality', as if we're living in this so-called 'illusion', huehehehe..

And this is what I called fun learning cause if I don't write any postcards, I might not get this valuable lesson, ahahahaha.. 

I'm excited to know what other things I can learn from this hobby, I really hope that when the 'lesson' come, I can grab it and translate it into something that I can understand, ahahaha :D

*upss.. isn't what I'm doing here also a jumping into conclusion thingy? ahahahaha :p*

Fri 13/7 (5:08 pm)


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