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Monday, January 9, 2012

Decorating Postcards

Picture is taken from : own creations

Mon 9/1 (3:01 pm)

After being soo lazed up in sending postcard on the last month in 2011, this year I've decided to have a go again in sending postcards, both on Postcrossing and for regular direct swaps.. 

What makes me soo long in writing one card is the decorating part cause I lovee decorating 'em before sending them all over the world.. dunno whether the receivers will like it or not, hahaha.. but I sure lovee  doing it ;) *eheemm, although sometimes I feel like my decorating is kinda childlike, don't you think? :p*

Here are some blank cards that I've decorated for my regular direct swappers ;)

Sometimes I write quotes, sometimes I write about my everyday life.. but I know I shouldn't write about anything to promote my country, since I don't know that much, wakakakakak.. and feel soo lazy in Googling :p

Well.. hopefully they will like getting cards from me ;)

Mon 9/1 (3:06 pm)


4 raindrops:

srrriii said...

hwaaaaa they look so cuteee

Indah said...

Ayy.. thank youu, Srii ;)

o said...

ndaaah itu gambar2 sapinya bikin sendiri? lutunaaa

-Indah- said...

Onitt.. hahaha, bukaaann.. sapi2nya itu hasil ngegunting kertas kado, hihihi :p

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