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Friday, August 3, 2012

Quotes : Dating, Marriage & Commitment

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Fri 3/8 (4:57 pm)

Couple of days ago when I watched TV, there was this program about relationship, the topic was about dating, and what the pastor said was really interesting.

He said, "Dating is no commitment while marriage is a full-time commitment, let's keep it that way and don't do the other way around!"

Hahahaha.. sounds funny when hearing him said that but when you think over of what he said, it's soo true and I guess the world goes more chaotic like today because most of us do the opposite, fully-committed to dating and have no commitment to marriage :p

And I guess it's not just about marriage but about almost anything.. we might be committed to something insignificant while take no concern to what's important :)

*should make an evaluation on the way I live my life, ahahahaha :p*

Fri 3/8 (5:04 pm)


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