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Thursday, November 10, 2011

CoD : Just Ask, Don't Assume!!

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Yesterday I got a package that I've been waiting for since the last couple of weeks, soo excited when I first saw the name of the sender.

I quickly dialled my brother cause he was the one who ordered what I wanted and it was his name on the front side of the package, when I said to him where the package was from, he immediately said that the package was for me so I could ripped it off without having to wait for him, yeaahh ^o^

Excitedly, I opened it.. first disappointment was that the enveloped was no longer sealed! I don't know whether it was the sender who cut it off or the post office here but the side of the envelope had been cut.

Next disappointment was.. my goodness, I was ordering postcard online from HongKong and I was expected something big, at least much bigger than the size of.. namecards!!

I mean, there should be a minimum standard size for something to be called as postcard, right? What I got were more like mini greeting cards, rather than postcards, huhuhuhu..

I was soo disappointed even though the images are still so cute to look at :'( Not to mention that those 'mini' cards are like printed by personal computer, not even printed on a thicker paper!

Lesson number one from my international online shopping is.. ask much things about the things I'd like ordering before making the order! Just ask, and NEVER assume it myself about the things I wanted to buy!

So I browsed the seller page again to see what I've missed and apparently.. the image was quite clear of how very small those cards were, wakakakakakakakak..

Looked like I was too focused and too overwhelmed of the idea that I might have those cards with such cute images, and most certain, the ones you can't buy here that I didn't put too much notice on the card size, ahahahahaha..

So there goes my first experience of buying postcards online :p

Will I buy something else? I'd surely will.. cause I've checked another web source and there are soo many postcard books around with cute images, I just need to figure out the shipping fees and calculate it to my own currency so I know how much I'd spend, not just assuming, ahahahaha!

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