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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Life & Washing Machine

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Because of the 'maid' incident, for couple more days I still had to do the laundry even after the holiday was over..

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There are 5 steps that I usually do each time I use the washing machine..

First and second one are to use the detergent so all the dirts in the clothes got separated from the fabrics.

The 3rd step is the use only water to make the clothes free from the bubbles.

And the 4th step is to use Molto to soften and make the clothes smell wonderful.

The last one is to dry the clean clothes before hanging them for the sun to dry.

While watching those clothes being cleansed.. suddenly I thought that maybe life was like a washing machine, too..

If only those clothes have mouth and can talk, maybe they will tell us that their time in the washing machine ain't that enjoyable at all and such a miserable one to feel your body being twisted here and there, not to mention how much water the clothes need to swallow and yuucckk.. those detergents might not taste delicious, ehh?

So they might suffer from headache, stomachache, and only clothes know what other pains they might feel!

Maybe what the clothes have to go through in that washing machine is the same like we're dealing with life.

At times in life, we might feel like our world has been turned upside down, there might even be time when you feel hard to breathe, when you feel like you want to runaway and leave all things behind cause you just can't stand the pain any longer..

But after all is done.. like the clothes that have been shiny, clean and smells good.. the same goes for us..

Suddenly life gets better and all things seem wonderful!


So when the going gets tough.. when everything seems to fall apart.. all we need to do is hold on.. just a little longer until it's all over and the sun shines again and sets aside the dark clouds that had been hanging for wayy to long?


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