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Thursday, March 7, 2013

QoD : Where Do You Focus On?

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Thu March 7, 2013 (8:48 pm)

couple of days ago i read an interesting article in bintang indonesia, a tabloid that mostly focused on the lifes of celebrities, either local or international.

anywayy.. i don't remember the exact name, and i don't know where the tabloid is (i'll correct the name when i get the tabloid again), hahaha.. but it's scott something, he was a former influenced people in film industry.

even though he had lots of money and luxurious possesions, somewhat he didn't feel happy about his life. until one day a trip to cambodia changed his life forever.

he was touched to see how very poor the kind of life they were living, especially for children who didn't get enough food, not to mention, education.

but since he got works to do back in the usa, so he only supplied money and controlled from afar which turned out not enough for the people in cambodia that many parents took the children out of school and forced them into prostitution.

scott flew back to cambodia and while he was in the midst of hill of garbages, he received a phonecall from an actor who complained to him about the jet, that was the turning point of scott. 

hearing that actor said, 'this was the worst day of my life!', scott knew that his heart was no longer in the materialistic world, for there in cambodia he had found his purpose of life, something that even his material possesions couldn't give him.

he had to go back to the usa to finish his 1 year contract but after that he sold all his belongings, his apartments, yachts, etc.. and packed his bags to start a new life in cambodia.

forgive me, scott, that even though your lifestory is very inspiring, i failed to remember your full name!

but i was really impressed by the story i read.. especially since it was a true story!

wooww.. isn't it an important thing to ask ourselves..

"where do we really focus on? where does our heart really belong?"

scott isn't the first person who did this and i'm sure he's not gonna be the last either.

isn't it interesting, while some of us might still struggling in possessing more and more materials.. the ones who already have them in hand decided to throw them away cause they realized it wasn't the one which brought happiness into their lifes.

don't trust me, hahaha.. for i've got no material things to throw away :p but perhaps we can learn from them.. and not waste our time in the chase of material possesion..

for what truly matters is the heart which is touched.. and ready to give for those in need..

don't you think? ;)

thanks for the inspiration, scott, hopefully each and everyone of us can do something for someone else, no matter how seemingly little it is.. but if it's for the better.. then i guess we shall give it a try? :D

*thinking of what could be done :))*

thu march 7, 2013 (9:26 pm)


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Ely Meyer said...

Harus buka kamus dulu nih krn nggak ada terjemahannya :)

Ely Meyer said...

Btw, nanti minggu malam ikut gabung khan di blogku ? tak tunggu ya , makasih :)

rendy rachman said...

bener kata ely meyer, harus buka kamus dulu hhe

yg terngiang " where do we really focus on, ? where does our heart really belong .? "

kisah di blog ini mengingatkan saya pada film children of heaven yg berasal dari iran, fenomena yang menunjukkan bahwa materi bukanlah suatu tujuan namun menjadi sebuah alat,

"dimanakah kita sesungguhnya benar2 fokus, dan dimanakah hati ini tergerak "

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