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Friday, April 12, 2013

Go, Go, Goo.. Kree Harrison!!

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friday 12/4 (6:45 am)

we're now down to top 6 in american idol season 12. 5 ladies and 1 man, who are you rooting for?

if i could vote, i will surely give my vote to.. kree harrison!!

i've been rooting for her since the first time i saw a glimpse of her audition, i didn't got the chance to see her sing, only some part of the comments by the judges and they all said good things about her.

seeing her on tv from time to time when she performed, i believe i'm not wrong in rooting for her, cause not only she has a beautiful face, the kind of face that you never get bored at looking at it, cause you know there are so many beautiful faces out there but after a while they don't look that beautiful anymore, but that's not the case with kree.

not only beautiful, she's also lovely and sweet. and i love her voice, there's a tenderness in it. 

and after seeing what her other fellow 'competitors' said about her being a 'hugger' and seemed to know everybody and their stories. i'm amazed, hahaha..

cause what she did made me remember about a forwarded e-mail looong time ago about a professor who gave a question about a janitor's name and he then emphazised how important it was, not only to get to the top, but also paying attention for those around you, whoever they were.

and that's kree harrison.. a beautiful woman in her early 20s, who's not only beautiful on the face but also has a beautiful heart that makes her face glows and it transfers into her voice when she sings.

and do you notice that kree is the only contestant that still looks simple and casual in the way she dressed, even when now she's in top 6?!

go, go, goo.. kree harrison! i hope she wins american idol ;)

nb. i also get this 'instant' likeness when i first saw scotty mccreery and lauren alaina last season, ahahaha :D

friday 12/4 (7:01 am)


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