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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Celoteh Clara : Back To Basic

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Hari ini ntah kenapa tiba2 gua teringat kembali akan ucapan yang gua kirimkan via FB untuk mengucapkan Happy New Year 2010 di awal tahun ini.

Bentar gua cari dulu.

Sementara nunggu loading, mari kita lanjutkan.

Kenapa ini akhirnya gua masukkan ke dalam "Celoteh Clara"?

Tadinya sih mau ke dalam "Enjoy Aja" tapi gua pikir si Clara udah lama kaga berceloteh, ahahaha.. kasian juga masa sih gua harus terus membungkam mulutnyaa? :p

Jadii.. Claraa.. be my guest, it's your turn now to speak up.

Pheww.. akhirnya kumenemukanmuu, huehehehe..

*lebayy mode is on*

Okayy.. gua udah lupa source of the pic-nya, pastinya dari Google.

Ini copy-an message-nya :


I've been browsing to search for New Year's pic that fits my taste, ahahaha.. I found some wonderful pic but then my heart goes out to this one.

It's a perfect reminder for me.. I want to start this year as a "baby" again.. to let myself be fascinated by whatever things I see and to find joy in any small little things I find along my way in 2010.. to soon forget the hurts each time I fall and learn to walk again eagerly..

Children.. isn't it amazing how us, as the so-called "adults" who oftentime feel like we're the one who teach them things whileas to the contrary.. children are the best teachers one can get cause they teach us things we oftentimes forget as we grow older? Ahahaha :p

Soo.. my friends.. Happy New Year 2010 ^o^

Whatever hopes you have for this ongoing year, I wish you the best ;)

Keep on loving and believing and may God lead our ways in each and every day of our lifes :D



Yupp.. this is a perfect reminder.

Be like a baby.

Who has no prejudice.

Who take love as it is without thinking too much.

Who doesn't worry much about anything.

Bukannya ngga bagus untuk merasa kuatir.

Itu ada bagusnya karena rasa kuatir membuat kita ngeh bahwa ada hal yang berjalan ngga sesuai di rel yang dimaksudkan.


Kuatir yang berlebihan itu yang harus dihindari.

Ketakutan yang berlebihan, itu yang ngga perlu!!


Mereka datang ke dunia ini ngga bawa apa2.

Bahkan baju sekalipun.

Tapi yang ada dalam benaknya mungkin hanyalah.

Keyakinan yang polos.

Bahwa akan ada yang memberinya baju supaya ia ngga kedinginan.

Ketika dia lapar, akan ada yang memberinya makanan dan minuman.

Dan ketika dia takut, akan ada yang memberinya perlindungan.

Darimana dia tau semuanya itu padahal dia baru aja dilahirkan ke dunia ini?

Aahh yaa..

Pasti dari Sang Pencipta.

Sang Pencipta yang membekali bayi itu dengan segala keyakinannya itu walau saat itu dia belon mengerti apa maksudnya.

Keyakinan yang ironisnya justru makin terkikis ketika sang bayi bertambah umur.

Soo.. the baby in me, please wake up and come out from your hiding place.

I need you.

I need you to teach me things I sometimes forget.

Let me feel it again.

That everyday is a blessing.

Everyday is a miracle.

Simply because I'm still breathing.

Cause breathing itself is life's wonders.

Time to dig deeper within you, Indah.

Find that innocent child again.

Don't scare her away with your negativities.

Let her teach you the wonders of life, the things she knows from our Creator, the Living God.

Journey journey.

A journey to reach final destination.

It's how we fill the time in between that will make a difference.

Hmm hmm..

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