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Friday, March 5, 2010

CoD : The Sun Still Shines

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Today.. one might celebrate a new life among them.

Today.. one might lose their beloved one.

Today.. one might be promoted.

Today.. one might lose their jobs.

Today.. one might fight with each other.

Today.. one might reconcile.

Today.. one might laugh out loud.

Today.. one might cry a river.

Sometimes I do wonder.

Knowing that the sun will always shine after the rain is gone.

Knowing that the rain will fall down when it's time.

Knowing that the night will surely follow after the day is over.

Knowing that there'll be rainbow after the rain stops.

Does it help you when you're in sorrow?

Time waits for no one.

Either you're happy or sad, the sun will always shine and the rain will always pour when it's their time to be on the sky.

Sometimes it's a relief to know that there's an end for everything.

Either good or bad.

Everything must come to an end at some point in our life.

So again, just like Tyler Perry once said in Oprah.

"You'll never know where life's gonna take you so just hang on!"

Yupp.. just hang on.. a little bit longer.

For all the pains and sorrows will come to an end one day.

And all the things we have to go through in this life ain't for a waste.

God must have His own reasons to let things happen in our life.

Can we trust Him until the result of His perfectly plan becomes clear and true in our life?

The sun will always shine and the rain will always pour.

In their own time.

Sometimes all we have to do is just wait.

And not just wait.

But wait in faith ;)

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g. siahaya said...

Bener banget. Just wait.

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