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Thursday, March 4, 2010

QoD : Honesty

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How do you measure one's honesty?

Oh, right.

Trust plays part in it, right?

But oftentimes assumptions get in the way for us to trust someone whole-heartedly.

But how to get rid of those (mostly negative) assumptions?

For all these times, you always.. wait, "always" is an unconscious judgement and it ain't fair for you're not always do that.



For most of the time, you usually tell us lies.

Hmm.. does that also consider as judgement?


You yourself who covers things up from us.

Even things that we already know the "fact", you manage to tell the other way, without knowing that me and some others already know the "truth".

Don't ask me how I know for sometimes I just know for at times I've been shown the "fact" earlier before you started telling things.

I understand that sometimes we can't be brutally honest with someone for we need to keep some things for ourselves.

But if you really want to keep this going on the right direction, don't you think that at least you should start telling the truth?

And please, no drama.

I don't know.

Somehow I just can't sense your sincerity.

That is why I hardly felt moved whenever I saw your tears.

And do you know how bad that made me feel?

How can't I feel your pain?

How can't I feel sorry for what you've been going through?

How can't I?

I just can't.

I didn't feel a thing when I saw you with your tears.

Assumption, again.

Cause I assumed you just faked it.

For oftentimes you said one thing and said another the next minute.

How would I know which one to trust?

Which one is the "real" you?

And you always make it harder for us to get to trust you.

You play with our emotions.

It's a neverending circle for you only feel sorry by the time your "play" make one of us sick, literally.

And then you remain silence for a while before start playing again with our emotions.

Everyone has their own limits on how they can handle the pressures and pains.

Do you really want to push us to our limits before you finally stop?

How much costs are you willing to pay, ehh?

So, honestly..

I don't know what to expect anymore.

Is it still worth to keep the hopes alive?

Cause from time to time you just throw it away.


How to measure one's honesty, can you tell me?

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