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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A New Day Has Come

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My dear blog,

It has been some time since I put you to sleep cause I've been busy writing in some place else, a quieter one than here.

But now.. will you please allow me to wake you up from your long sleep, for you're certainly NOT Sleeping Beauty, ahahaha.. so you don't need that much sleep anyway :p

Let's make this place become alive again cause you're my 'official' place in my 30s' journey of life, sure we can always find something to share here cause the world is such a big place, eh?

I can always share either words of my own or others' words and point of views.. Let's spread some goodness in life cause what we give will always be what we will get in return, so let's just plant some good seeds and wait patiently for the trees to bear fruits.

I won't promise you that I will write here daily cause I've learned that I could easily break my promise(s), hahaha.. but I'll try to fill you up in a constant rhythm, along with my journey of learning about consistency.

Soo.. dear blog, welcome back to life and hope you enjoy your journey cause I surely will..

Nb. I think that I should name you something, eh? Cause 'dear blog' seems kinda 'cold', you know.. What do you want me to call you? How about "Shadow of Lights"? Do you like it? I think that'll be your name for now until I come up with a more suitable one, if I could find any, ahahaha :p

Soo.. my shadow of lights, I'm surely gonna see you again soon, alright? ;)


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