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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Picture Talking : Can You, Please?

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"Can You, Please?"

Tell me
What do you think
When you look at me?

Do you see me
As a cute
And innocent cat?

Or do you picture me
As a scary
And vicious one?

I'm sorry
If I ever made you
Jumped in fright

I didn't mean
To make you scared
I just wanted to play

Cause I like
What I see
When I see you

You seem like
A Very nice
And loving person

Someone's warm
And caring
With no intention to hurt me

I admitted
I was once
Stole your fish

But I only did it
Because I was so hungry
And that fish looked so yummy

I remembered
You were throwing things at me
When you saw what I did

But I don't blame you
I might have done the same
If I were you

I truly want us
To make some peace
And start over again

Cause I want
To be your friend
And I'm sure will be yours

So.. meooww..
Will you shake hands
With me?

I promise you
I will be good
I know I will

All I need now
Is for you 
To forgive me

And can you please
Don't make me wait
For too long?

With love,

Your furry friend

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