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Monday, October 31, 2011

Picture Talking : Shall We?

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"Shall We?"

In this world we live
Despite our differences
Can't we just live in peace?

Together.. hand in hand
We can make this world
A better place 

Not just for us
But also for our children
We do owe them this

They all need the same things
They need to be loved
They need to feel wanted

To know they can trust people
To learn that through all the falls
They can always rise again

Something to believe in
Someone to rely on
The cling of hope that never fades

No matter where they live
No matter what languages they speak
No matter what colour their skins

Don't you think the time has come
For us to put aside our own egos
And start working together as one?

My hand in yours
And your hand in mine
Together we can work things out

Spread around random act of kindness
Keep away all the hatred
And plant the heart with love

Time is ticking
And what has passed can't be reversed
Let's start now and just don't waste it anymore

Shall we?

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Lela said...

This is so so sweet!!

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