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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Picture Talking : To The Stars

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"To The Stars"

Away you go
Without trails to follow
Leaving me alone
With the memory of yesterdays

Days passed me by
Seasons changed
But somehow
I still remember you

I've decided to go and find you
Even though I have no idea where to go
But I believe my heart will guide me
Because to you I belong

To the moon and stars
I will make a wish
Just wait for me
For you I will surely see


I dunno why I'm more comfortable in making "Picture Talking" in English, ahahaha.. and I will try to do this regularly again like I used to do in my 'private' FB loong time ago ;)

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paraGraf by G said...

Yaiiiy! Ayo ayo, mari konsisten melakukan apa yang kita sukai ^_^

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