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Monday, October 24, 2011

Picture Talking : Dear Dandelion

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"Dear Dandelion"

My dear Dandelion
If I blow you away,
Where will you be landed?

Don't you ever feel afraid
Going to places
You've never known before?

The uncertainties
Of what lies ahead
Doesn't it make you scared?

Have you ever felt powerless
Not being able to choose
Where you might want to go?

Or you've decided since long
To just enjoy the ride
Cause each place offers adventures?

Do you think I can ever be like you
Embracing each moment as it comes
And get through each difficulties?

Oh my dear Dandelion
You're such an inspiration to me
Now it's time for me to let you go

Goodbye, dear Dandelion
Hope you will like your next destination
And promise me you'll never forget me

*blows away little dandelions who will start their fun-exciting adventures*

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