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Monday, October 3, 2011

Picture Talking : Good Morning, Sunshine

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Good morning, Sunshine
How are you doing today?
I hope you're feeling good
Cause I need you around today
Especially inside my heart

My day ain't start that good
Couple of rows, shouting and fighting
That drains out my energy
So now you see
Why I so badly need you, right?

I've heard so much about you
They say you can wipe away
Even the darkest clouds!
Can you really do that, Sunshine?
They're not exaggerate about it?

That'd be soo cool
If they're right about you
Cause you're exactly
The kind of person I need
To solve my problems

Dear Sunshine,
Are you always that bright and shiny?
Haven't you ever felt gloomy
Even the slightest bit?
How can you be that way everytime?

Aren't you ever felt tired
Having to sparkle all the time?
Don't you ever want to have a break
And do something different
Than what you usually do?

Oh, how I wish
I could be like you, Sunshine
To always shine no matter what
To be the light
Even in the dark

Can I be you, Sunshine?
Do you think it's a good idea?
Can you tell me how to be you?
You wouldn't mind if I'm like you, right?
Or would you?

Ahh, Sunshine, thank you for listening
To my morning mumblings
Now I know for sure that they're right about you
You're so kind and generous
And a very good listener

My inner world is a bit brighter now
Please be around for some more time
Until it's all bright again
And then I'll let you go
To light up the live of others

Take a good care of yourself, Sunshine
Stay as fabulous as you already are
Up in the sky you will always be
Be the kind of light everyone must see
And each morning you will surely greet me

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