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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Signs

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Do you believe in signs?

That something really never happens out of nowhere, there must be some little signs along the way that leads you to the "final" destination?

I do.

But sadly to say, I oftentimes missed reading them until things just got.. worse..

Like now.

Come to think of it, I have this unusual craveness for chocolates these last couple of days.

Knowing me.. when I'm craving for chocolates that means that I'm in a normal state of stress.

But as always, I missed.. I missed reading those signs and now I really have no idea why I'm in the middle of this stress.

And somehow somehow.. I can feel it that I'm this much closer of craving for salty snacks and when that happens.. it can only mean one thing.. that I'm in a way more serious level of stress than just an average one!

Consciously I feel like I'm in an okay state, not that happy but not that sad either, just in a flatline of emotions.

And I really can't tell whether this "stress" that slowly creeping into my heart is my own or I absorb it from my surroundings cause we really not in a good situation right now related to one of the family's member.

But today.. there's another "sign" coming my way.

I've lost interests in doing anything, even going online!

Ohh maann.. this is serious cause usually no matter what happens, I'm always kinda excited in login into the net! Even just for gaming or browsing around or FB-ing.

But today.. everything seems soo.. boring!

Aahh aahh.. what's gotten into mee?!

Oh, dear God.. please help me.. hopefully I will only feel this way until the end of this year. I can manage to hold on until tomorrow.

But please please.. let this feelings go away in the upcoming year for I don't think I can handle being dragged down again by my emotions, huhuhu..

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