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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

QoD : What's In It For Them?

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Last Sunday I went out to a mall nearby (I'd better not telling which mall is it, huehehehe :p) with my Mom and she bought some clothes for her granddaughters and at the cashier after swiped my credit card, the lady told me that I could exchange the store receipt for some free souvenir at lower ground, right in front of a clothing store which the salespersons used to greet every passerby loudly.

So I went downstairs with my mom and looked for the stand to exchange the receipt with souvenir, at first I thought it was a mall's program so I was kinda confused when the location that the cashier referred to was a bank's stall and there were some people were waiting in line to exchange their receipts with something for free, at the minimum you would get a mug, not bad, huh?

Since I didn't use that certain credit card, I didn't feel the need to join the line so I walked again with my mom to the other side of the stand where I found an "advertisement" of that free program that made me curious, huahahaha.. so I went back again to the stand and asked one of the salesperson of that foreign bank, whether only the ones who used that credit card who could get the souvenir or with any credit cards payment would do.

And the salesperson said it was okay for any credit cards (I forgot to ask about the payment in cash), just as long as you met the minimum requirement of the purchase.

I was tempted to get in line after hearing his answer but then I remembered that in my receipt that I should give to the person in charge of the exchange, my credit card number was written fully and completely!

And I dunno.. I just don't feel like giving away my credit card numbers just to get souvenir. Maybe I was being too cautious.

But I just can't get rid of the question that crossed my mind, "What's in it for them?"

I mean.. what will that foreign bank get by collecting the shoppers' receipts? What will they use it for? Banks are not charitable organizations, right? They are profitable organizations, so there must be something in that receipts that they can use for their benefits, otherwise they wouldn't give away things without getting something in return, don't you think?

If they only give the souvenir for people who use their credit cards, it makes more sense to me.. but to give them away for anyone? Sounds fishy to me, wakakakakak :p

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