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Friday, February 11, 2011

(Fake) Waterfall

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I have a fake waterfall at the back garden of my parents' house, well.. maybe "miniature" is a more appropriate word, ahahaha..

Anywayy.. since I'm not going to talk about either fake or miniature, so I guess any word will do, let's just move on :p

I was feeding the fishes and waiting there for the water from that 'fake' waterfall to fill the fish pond.

You know that water flows from the upper side to the lower one, right? So it took a while for the water to down part to go up before falling.. and even after the falling, the water ain't going straight down to the pond cause it needed to rest a bit in a place which looked like a bowl, ahahaa, I don't know what it's called :p Well, after that "bowl" is filled with water then the water then dropped down again this time to the pond and it would continuously fill the pond until the water was being turned off.

Soo.. what's my point? :p

Nothing, wakakakak..


I was thinking about something..

How that might relate to life itself.

Like the water that might need time to go from the underground to go up there to the top of the fake waterfall.. and during those time, we can't see the water, and we might even not hear the sound.. it's as if nothing happens and the water won't ever fall down!

But then.. it appears right before our very own eyes! And the water starts to fall.. ohh, can you imagine how happy the fish in the pond when they know they're about to get more water so they can swim more freely!

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Waiting ain't an easy task to do, even when it seems like so simple but at times it feels like the clock is ticking way too slowly!

Ain't life is like that, too, sometimes?

When we feel down and it feels like there's no way out.. we might feel like that nothing is changed and nothing will ever change!

We can't see a change, we can't feel a change, so how can we be sure that nothing will stay the same as before?

How can we know that change is on its way?

But somehow.. something is definitely on the move, even though we can't see or hear or feel it.. cause it's not time yet for us to realize its existence but all those little components are working together now, hand in hand to create one great thing that in its own perfect time will become a channel of neverending blessings in our life.

Ahh.. ain't it great? ;)

How I wish I could be more sensitive to all things around me cause I believe each thing holds a lesson for us to learn.

Happy Fridayy.. and so far it has been a pleasant one for me, yeaahh :D

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