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Friday, February 4, 2011

QoD : Loving Yourself

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I was making some room in my cellphone's inbox and before I deleted the messages, I reread them again and I typed them in my blog before deleting them, wakakakak..

I know, I knoww.. somehow I feel those messages are like "treasure" for me ;)

Anywayy.. there's one interesting message among the others, it's about one eternal question and discussion, loving yourself, huehehe..

I believe I have asked about this before, either in this blog or in my other blog(s).

In her message, a friend of mine wrote something that made me think, she said, "I don't think I have loved myself completely cause if I had, I surely won't get down or be stressed out."

Hmm.. is that so?

I believe the term of loving ourself itself is a dynamic one, which means it can go ups and downs..

And just because once in a while you get stressed out or feel down, doesn't mean that you hate yourself, right? Cause sometimes what you have to go through might put you under soo much pressures that it's 'normal' to feel down, just as long as you don't stay down for well, forever, ahahahaha :p

But as for the practical and applicable way to let yourself know that you love yourself, what's on the list? Hmm hmm..

How about your own perspective? Tell me, tell me.. I'd like to know ;)

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