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Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Finally Made It!

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I have to admit that it has become some kind of obsession for me to put myself into the top 50 Indonesian's Postcrossers at Postcrossings, wakakakakak :p

So earlier today when I looked at my Postcrossing's page and found the "badge" in my profile page, ranked 48 on most postcards sent from Indonesia and ranked 45 on longest distance sent from Indonesia, for it was like a dream come true, woohoo..

And somehow somehow.. I dunno why.. many things that happened lately were led me to one conclusion, still about doing things continuously, no matter how small my steps are.. just as long as I keep on walking, I will finally be in my destination one day ;)

Aahh.. I lovee sending and receiving postcards to/from strangers ^.^

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Ms. Plaida said...

mbaak, mau ngasih tauu. saya pass award ke sini yaa.. :D


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