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Thursday, February 3, 2011

CoD : The Choice is (Always) Yours

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Talking about patience, I surely am not the one who has mastered it yet!

Soo many times, at the back of my mind I know exactly how I should have reacted but.. I (almost) always reacted the other way, huahahahaha..

Like what happened yesterday morning before I went to Bandung.

Every morning is always about a battle for water, especially for those who live on the 2nd floor of the house cause I dunno why, the water supply for the 2nd floor is running even muuuuuccchhh slower than turtle, huhuhu..

So for the water to run freely on the 2nd floor, all the water on the 1st floor must be shut down.

Anywayy.. yesterday I woke up around for 4.15 am to cook breakfast for my mom. And after finished that one, I straightly went upstairs to fill the bathtub so I could take shower, but.. as predicted, the water was running slooooooow and it stopped much more time than it was running, huhuhu..

And as always, I got irritated! Only a short while later I realized that the choice was always mine..

The water and its slow running were only "condition" which I might not able to change that, but.. I had something within my grasp to handle and control, which was.. my reaction to it, whether I would have myself got irritated by it or.. I could still be happy despite the slow water running, ahahahaa..

And to tell you the truth, even after that "realisation", I still have to struggle to remember that all the time, wakakakakak :p

Okee dokee.. gotta go now.. Happy Rabbit Year!! I will talk to you some more later, otree? ;)

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