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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Private Practice : The Cause

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Another TV series that I like is "Private Practice", let's just hope that series won't end before "Castle" starts airing again on TV, ahahaha :p

There's one interesting scene on the "Triangle" episode.

There's this family with a teenage daughter who has "imaginary" friend, but after a psychiatric had a session with that girl, he told the parents that their daughter might suffer schizophrenia.

The father denied harsh the psychiatric's diagnose whileas the mother whom at first also felt uncertain and agreed with her husband that the psychiatric might be wrong, that her daughter ain't "crazy", it was just an anxiety for having to move to new place.

But after calmed down, she started to think that the psychiatric might be right cause she remembered that her daughter had changed even before they moved to another town.

And on one of the psychiatric's session, the daughter opened up to the psychiatric that sometimes her imaginary friend, Eli, made her do some things she didn't like, for example one time Eli forced her to drown her cat just because Eli was jealous when the daughter spent time with her cat. She said she didn't want to do it but she couldn't say no to Eli.

Isn't it frightening?

But the father still refused to let the doctor give some medications for his daughter.. he consistently said that he wasn't going to let them locked her up in her room and didn't let him see her.

Then the psychiatric out of nowhere popped the question, "Who did they let you go away?"

The father was in silence for a while before revealing about his past where her sister was diagnosed with mental illness and got locked up and ended up having suicide.. and he just didn't want the same thing happen to his daughter, especially when he felt guilty cause he felt like it was his fault that his daughter suffered the same thing like his sister.

That was the scene, hahaha..

But I find it's interesting what the psychiatric asked.. for I'm with him, huehehehe.. I believe there's a reason why we behave the way we behave like we behave at the moment.

We just don't automatically become the way we are right now for we are shaped by every little things that happen in the past, good or bad, they all took part in making us like us today.

But most of the time, we tend to bury our sad, heartbreaking pasts.. deep deep down.. and didn't even realize that those things did affect our lives now.

It's always nice watching something like this, haha.. I know it now I don't like when the "hospital" stories or doctors' stories are too medical.. I like it more when they have more "human" touch, that is why I was never into "ER" and more into "Chicago Hope" :D

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