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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Books : School of Fears & Private Practice : Our Own Fears

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Have you ever read "School of Fear" by Gitty Daneshvari? If you haven't, well, maybe you'd like reading this one, it's a light writing with some interesting information about phobias.

Anywayy.. for me personally the highlight of this book is when Mrs. Wellington said to Garrison, "You tell your bossy, old, grouchy father that getting over your fear is a process, one we must confront daily, and that if he has a problem with that, he should investigate why he is more afraid of your fear than you are," Mrs. Wellington said with the confidence and clarity of a bona fide certified teacher.

Those lines are soo great!! And how true is that, ehh?


Have you ever wondered how some people are trying soo hard trying to "fix" someone else? As if their lives depend on the changing of that person, while in fact no matter how drastically changed one's life still no effect to that person?

Funnily, couple of days ago, I watched one of "Private Practice" episode which more or less offered the same 'conclusion' as the above quote from the book.

It's about a 10 year boy who liked eating anything, even dirt! And his mother was soo worried about his condition that according to her was getting worse after she got married again for the 2nd time which meant that now the boy had a step father.

His mother even bought him a helmet to prevent him from eating carelessly!

But guess what..

It turned out that the boy inherited this "strange" behaviour (it's called "pica" if I remember it correctly) from his mother when the doctor found her eating tissue in the toilet!

Ayy.. and his mother was the one who fussed so much and tried to fix her son so badly!

Do you have someone like that in your life?

I oftentime heard that children are their parents' reflections.

And soo many times the parents want to fix what went wrong in their children's life.

Have you ever wondered.. do they do it for their children's sake orr.. it's more about they are concern what the others might say about them when they see what kind of children they have!

Isn't it interesting? Huehehehe.. for me, it is, ahahaha.. sometimes the intention does matter ;)

Cause from the above "sample", it shows whether the parents are egocentric and only think of themselves or they do care about their children, huahahaha..

Aww.. I lovee this kind of reading or movies where you can have something to think about and nods in agreements when you've found something that you agree on or you might even confront those lines that you disagree, wakakakakak :p

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