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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

History Will Repeat Itself : The Sinking Boat

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I've been thinking about this for sometime but I kinda avoid talking about this.

I don't know maybe because instinctively I feel like it's too painful to talk about this thing.

It's like a confirmation of a bitter truth that somehow I've known but always tried to deny.

But this thing kept swirling in my head and I might not have my peace of mind until I let it out my chest.

Not that after talking about this will solve the problems anyway but it's more like to release myself from the emotional burden.

And I guess this time I'm gonna write in English.

I've been realising it for some time that by writing in English somehow can make me not get too in touch with my emotions.

And it's better this way, otherwise I won't be able to let out this emotions cause writing in my own language will only make me feel the pain even more.

History repeats itself.

Yes.. it does!

History isn't my favourite subject at school, I hate memorize things.

I'm more into something that allows me to think and put it in my own words, other than just copying what's in the textbook, what's the point anyway, if you want an answer that's precisely like the one on the book, well.. just look at it on the book :p

So I didn't realize the "true" meaning of those words until couple of years ago I've seen the patterns.

And just recently I finally get it, it's like all the pieces that I've been collecting all these times finally come into one big full picture.

History will surely repeat itself if you don't fix what was once went wrong!!

I've seen the pattern and yes yes yes.. I know that I have the tendency to go on that direction myself, following the footsteps of those who have walked before me.

But I don't like that road they take, I've seen the damage it's done.. to themselves.. to their surroundings.. and to me.

And I hate it.

I don't know how they feel but I know how I feel.

But I'm not strong enough to turn myself to take another direction.

So I'm still heading that way although the speed is wayy slower than the others.

Two out of four had already taken the same path.

And one of them is sinking deeper than the others.

History repeats itself.. and the damage is faster and usually far worse than the proceedings!

So, be glad that you've realized it now, Indah.

But it won't change the history for not repeating itself on you, too, if you don't change anything for stop it from happening!!

Knowing something is wrong is one thing.

But what makes it works is only when you finally take an action to change it, Indah!!

Do you hear me, Indah?

So now.. pull yourself together and remember.. balance is our way!

There are times when we need to feel the emotions but at other times, we need to cover up ourselves in order not to break down!

Yes.. we must help ourselves, Indah..

And ask for His guidance to know exactly which one which otherwise if we take things the wrong way, we will only ruin ourselves.

And remember.. you're not alone for you have me here by your side. Whatever emotions you feel, I feel it to. And I know.. I know all the things you have to go through for I'm a part of you and you're a part of me.

So, girl, we must try our best not to let history repeating itself that easily on our side, okayy!!

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Well written post and also inspired me.

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Tiknoo.. thanks for reading ;)

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