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Friday, January 22, 2010

Enjoy Aja : About Feeling(s)

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I've been thinking about this lately.

About something that is called.. feeling.

Is it the same with emotion?

Well.. I'll leave it out at that and try to focus on this thing before the thoughts disappear into the air and I just can't grasp them back.

I personally think that feeling is something that should come naturally.

You shouldn't force yourself to feel it.

And by the way, I think you can't force it either, you only think you can, and you might feel that you feel it when you think hard to feel it.. but it's not the same "feeling" as the one that comes naturally.

That's only my opinion, you can have different one :p

Feeling is something that if you hold it too tightly, might hurt yourself and it can even make you feel out of breath and chances are you might cause that feeling to runaway from youu..

Whileas on the other hand when you let it too loose.. it might slip away before you know it.

So is it better not to feel it?


I don't know.

But the "lesson" that keep coming back for me these days is to just enjoy it while it comes my way.

Whatever will happen next isn't today's problem and I shouldn't think about it too much.

I guess I have this tendency about that "forever" thingy.

I know I know.. it's unrealistic, ahahaha.. but can't help it, I have this dreamy side in me that has been intoxicated by fairytales with their happily ever after, ahahaha :p

I'm not worry about others for I think once in a while we're all a great pretender, we can pretend that the "feeling" is still there and cover it well from anyone's eyes.


I can't lie to myself for I know that when it's not there anymore.. well.. it's simply not there and that's that.

Maybe this is the thing that prevent me in getting too attach with anything or anyone.

Cause I know I can't promise that I will always feel the same way.

And usually when I've reached my "off" lowpoint, it's really hard to get away from that point, huaa..

I remember vaguely about what my friend had once said to me.

She met a friend on FB who had a motto, more or less that he didn't want to get attached with anyone or anything for he was a solo traveller who was heading to his final destination.

Somehow in a way I feel that I'm like him.

But a part of me feel like this isn't the 'right' way to live my life.

It's true that by not getting too attached to anything or anyone, that might save me from any heartaches and hurts.

But the consequence is.. I also keep myself much further away from joy!

And joy is far greater than happy!!

At least that's what I think, ahahaha..

So, I don't know..

I still don't know in which direction I'm taking now.

Have I been walking on the same path as before, or have I made a slight turn without realizing it?


If it's only about me that it's fine about the come and go "feeling".

But when it relates to someone else.. should I be brutally honest with them when I have lost the feeling that once was there?

Or keep the "white" lie?

Hmm.. hmm..

I still have no idea about that.

Although I guess I personally choose to know the truth, no matter how unpleasant it is, rather than have to live in comforting lies all the time.

Hmm.. maybe, ahahaha..

Don't know when that day finally comes.. will I be able to stand still?

Pssttt.. Indaahh..

No need to think about this for now, otree?


Just enjoy the moment for today has enough of its own problems, I don't need to add another ones from the seemingly might not be happening "future", ahahaha :p

Pheww.. at least I have let this one off my mind, hihihi..

Now I can think of another one, wakakakakak..

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Winda said...

indah, dirimu mah emang sensitif menurut gw...feeling yg gak dirasa pun bisa terasa getarannya buat lo...keliatan dari tulisan2nya...bener2 soul traveler....bagi2 dong tips=nya buat mengasah kepekaan berperasaan kaya gitu...hehehehe...dasar manusia gak punya perasaan (gw, maksudnya)...wkwkwkwkwk

kopi said...
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-Indah- said...

Windaa.. ahahaha ahahaha.. benarkah? :D

Tips apaan, Neng, wong gua juga ngerasa masih suka ngga bisa ngertiin perasaan orang, ahahaha :p

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