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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back To The Old Love

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I always believe in timing.

I mean everything has its own time and reasons in happening in your life.

And sometimes no matter how much you try to change things, you still have to go to that directions until you've had enough.

And I guess I've had enough now, yupp.. I've reached my limit, I guess.

Oh, btw, I'm talking about FB, ahahaha :p

I've been spending too much time on FB since for about almost a year.

At first I thought it was only some kind of euphoria cause back then I couldn't get online for months, first it was because computer problem and then internet connection.

So by the time I had both computer and connection, I was kinda lost control.

A month passed by..

Two months..

Three months..

And oh boy oh boy ooohh booyy..

If it was only an euphoria.. shouldn't it be gone after three months?

But.. NOO!!

I was getting further down with FB, soo very addicted, huhuhu..

I guess my life was literally had moved in front of computer, wakakakakak..

Sometimes I felt kinda irony.

This FB thing.

It's true that FB can bring people who live thousand miles away.. closer than before.

But as consequences.. it's also FB who make a distance between us and those who are near us physically.

And I guess.. I've separated myself for too long with those around me.

It's time to get back to the "right" path, huehehe..

And honestlyy.. I've been feeling this way for some time but since I'm still too much drown in the "sparkling" world of FB.. I pushed that feeling away.

I also felt like FB dragged me much further away from the path I should've taken!

But do I regret it?

Mm.. no.

Cause I've learned so much while I was spending my time on FB, from the games I played, from the people I interacted with.

But one thing I realized, especially lately..

FB has a much faster rhythm of life.

Much faster than my own rhythm.

And I feel exhausted trying to keep up with that rhythm, ahahaha..

I miss my slow life.

With not too many noise.

Where I can play with my thoughts and wondering about soo many things in life.

A place where I can be at peace.

Without having to think too much about something that isn't my area.

And I miss my old love, books..

Huehehe.. ithas been a while since the last time I read books cause I practically had no time to do anything else other than online :p

But I guess everything come right at its "perfect" time.

I've been hearing about the "famous" book by Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist, since long.

But don't know.. kinda interested in reading it but never quite interested in searching for that book whenever I'm at the bookshops, ahahaha..

But for about a month ago when there was a sale at the bookshop, Rosemary asked me if I wanted to buy and I told her about the book, and she bought it for me first.

And about a week ago I got that book and yesterday I started reading it.


Maybe that's the right book for me.

To help me "read" the signs, ahahaha..

And bring me back to the right path again :p

It's all about "timing", babee..

And maybe this is the right time for me to finally step back from FB cause I always delay my intention before.

But looks like I cannot and shall not wait any longer.


It's time to back again to my old love.

Bookss.. here I comee!!

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bridge said...

looking forward to read your review at goodreads or here.... :)

-Indah- said...

Ahahaha.. you know that I don't like make a review, right? :p

Anonymous said...

so true!! especially about the rhythm. To tell you the truth? I am exhausted! And through all the experience, at last, i have found what i really like to do. So, somehow all these hectic lifestyle i've been dragging myself onto, also have led me into a much more clearer view of what i can enjoy and what i abhor at the end, haha. Abhor is a strong word, i know, but that is what i feel right at this moment. Maybe the repugnant feeling will soften by time, but at least, now i know. ;)

bridge said...

Bu, bukannya dulu elo sering review buku di goodreads ya?

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