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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

(Try To) Fit In

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This morning, I don't know why I remember a chat I had with a friend of mine many moons ago.

It's not a sudden rememberance and since I don't believe in random anymore so there must me something important that I need to remember but as always, I tend to forget as time goes by.

That thing relates with something that I guess we all have at some point in our lifes, well.. if you don't have this kind of problems, at least I know I do.

It's about finding a place where I can fit in.

Danny used to say to me that there was no place where we could fit in, we were the ones who should make that place fit to us.


Maybe more or less what he said kinda similar with what Cruiser once said to me in our chat loooooong ago *miss chatting with you soo much, girl!!*

She said that..

"You know, Dah, if I was a triangle and I live in a circle world then I will make the world around me be a rectangle so I can fit in."

Oh, wait.. that's kinda different with what Danny said.

Cause Danny might imply this one..

"If I was a rectangle and I live in a circle world then I try to change my shape into a circle so I can fit in."

While me?

Sometimes I feel like I'm a circle who lives in a rectangle or triangle world.

But somehow I always believe there's a circle "world" somewhere out there.

I don't need to change who I am just to fit in cause when I finally find that place.. I just.. fit in.. without having to try to fit in.

Like a missing piece of puzzle which finally find its place on the picture to be with the other pieces.

Is it only a wishful thinking to believe that?

To believe that we all have a place where we belong?

A place we've always been longing to find.

Somewhere you can be who you really are without having people around who try to change you or you feel the need to change yourself just to have that kind of feeling of "fit in"?

I believe that.

And it's not about I feel like I don't need to change anything about me.

I know I have my weaknesses and of course I need to lessen it and strengthen my strong points.

But I believe of the core of our souls.

And that "soul", the one that has been hiding somewhere inside our hearts is the unchangeable one.

There's a saying that my friend used to put on her MP, hmm.. let me try to find that one cause I don't remember that exact words.


Oohh, myy.. isn't Google helpful?

I tried to find the quote my friend wrote by using Google, a quote by Kahlil Gibran but I end up finding something else which is more interesting, hihihi..

It's from :



Richard Bach

American author

"A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are; we can be loved for who we are and not for who we're pretending to be. Each unveils the best part of the other. No matter what else goes wrong around us, with that one person we're safe in our own paradise....When we're two balloons, and together our direction is up, chances are we've found the right person. Our soulmate is the one who makes life come to life."


Woow wooww wooww..

Isn't that wonderful?!

Don't know why..

"Soulmates" have always been something intriquing (oohh, I always lovee the word "intrique".. seems like a mysterious word that open up a new world to me, a world full of wonders ;p) for me.

I always believe that "soulmates" ain't just about women and men as in husbands and wives.

Soulmate has a larger meaning than that.

I'd like to call it soul companion.

You know, when two souls are breathing on the same rhythms, heading to the same directions and feeling the same way.

It's more than just having the same hobbies or interests.

It's more than that.

Cause it's more about the connection between souls.

You need not to say the words for your souls understand each other more than words can say.

Ahh.. now you might want to tell me to wake up from dreams and start facing reality?

That's okay.. for that might be because our souls ain't connected to each other so you might not understand what I'm talking about, ahahaha..

*ngeyel mode is on ;p*

That is why I guess that 'soul traveller' thing fits me in a way for I'd so very much like my soul to travel and search for another souls like my own.

For only the souls who can get pass through the outer appearances which oftentimes not representing the souls within.

That is why to recognize one's soul.. can only be seen by a soul as well, and not by eyes, huehehehe :p

*teori ngasal*

Ahh.. why do this post lead to the soulmate thingy, I wonder.

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the soul traveller

Nb. For someone somewhere out there.. please check your inbox, urgent!

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eka wijayanti said...

Indah. Saya juga baru berputar-putar tentang klik-nya dua atau lebih mahlukh hidup. Ujungnya, saya merasa soulmate saya, kucing saya.

cruiser said...

Hehehe...jadi kangen chat ama loe, ndah :D.
Hahahah....prinsip kayak gitu gua dapat dari buku cerita anak2. Somehow...jadi kangen ma tuh buku

-Indah- said...

Ekaa.. jaga baik2 kucingnya yaa..

Dewii.. aww aww awww.. gua kangeeeeeeeennn bangets chat ma elo, Neng!! Huaaa.. kapan seeh elo balik ke YM agaaaiiinnn? :p Hah? Buku apaan yang elo maksud, Wii? Ayooo.. bagi ceritanyaa ;)

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