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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Silent Mode is ON

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Hmmpphh.. I didn't realize that I might reveal something more than I intended to, ahahaha..

Well.. since I can't talk much on that "medium", I can continue here, right? :p

Hhh.. you know what, knowing the truth ain't always a pleasant one to hear.

And it's true that sometimes the truth hurts..

But hmm.. I don't know.

I feel like it's better knowing the truths no matter how unpleasant they are, rather than living in comforting lies.

Huahahahaha.. where have I been all these times, ehh? :p


You know what lessons I've learned today?

Never marry someone you don't love!!

They say that love can grow?

Well.. might work for some.

But for some others.. it just won't work!

Love is a feeling.

And you can't force yourself to feel something you don't feel.

Which makes me wondering..

Why did you marry that person in the first place if now you said that you never loved that person?

Why oohh tell me WHY?!

I don't know what that person might feel.

But I've been in that situation before.

Not the same but quite similar.

I knew the "truth" wayy too late after I have had this picture perfect in my head all my life.

And that truth was like a hammer that slammed a mirror into millions of broken pieces.


I have had a picture perfect in my head about how some things should be.

Something that I felt and what I thought was so real.

But the truth slipped in and just shattered my picture perfect.

And I still don't have another picture perfect.

I don't know whether I should collect all the broken pieces and put them back into one again.

Or should I have another picture in my head.

Sometimes reality just bites.. real hard.. more than you can chew at one time.

I still have my own hmm.. trauma?

Sounds too dramatic to use that word, ahahaha..

Let's just say that I still have my own "thing" to deal with to pull myself together again.

That is why I've learned that don't be fooled what your eyes see cause oftentimes we only see what we want to see.

Whileas the "truth" itself is in a larger scale that what our eyes see.

Open up the "eye" of your heart.

I've been formed to read between the lines.. that is why somehow I feel like the unsaid words are much more important than the spoken ones cause oftentimes what we don't say.. say much more about what we truly feel.

I'm trying to recognize my own feeling now.

I feel okay.

Not happy.

But not down either.

It's like I'm back on flatline again.

Dunno whether it's a good thing or not.

Might save me from drowning.

But might keep me away from joy.


I'd better stop now.

I see ya again some other time.


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