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Friday, January 29, 2010


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Ahahaha.. I want to laugh out loud right now, ahahaaha..

La la laa..

Isn't it funny how one can turn things upside down?

The offender plays a role as a victim? Hihihi..

Life is like a drama, I know.

But I prefer to let it happen naturally and not fall into traps by someone who sets things up :p

Aahh.. this took me back to sometime ago when I also got involved in some kind of "drama" on the same network.

Maann.. I guess it's official.. I'm non drama type, huehehehe :D

*I'd prefer drama only in movies, hihihi :p*

But somehow I always believe that the truth will come out eventually ;)

Make up all the stories anyway you like, girl.

I only want to say one thing to you : don't get too involved with the characters you make, otherwise you might find a difficulty in separating the reality and your fantasy world, ahahahaa :D

But anyway.. smart move! That proves that you've got brains, too bad you don't use it for goodness in the world, you know, to make peace and certainly NOT disintegration :p

Oohh myy.. what a laugh before going to bed ^o^

As for the others who might still be wondering..

Take time to think.. you've known "her" for some time, right?

More or less you surely have some ideas in your mind how she is in person.. do you think she's the type of person who would just leave without any strong reasons? ;)

You surely remember how she cares about each and everyone of us, right, for she's the one who always gives her encouragements whenever we feel like we cannot do things.

Believe.. just believe in what your heart tells you to.

One doesn't change in a dayy.. or is there anyone who suddenly change into "someone" else after all these things that happen? Ahahahaa :p

Take time to check all the messages in our inbox and seek for some clues.

Find some "red thread" to make connections with things that happened in the last few days, ask for some "signs".. it isn't that far.

Hohoho.. isn't this like playing games? :p

This is how the journey of our writing supposed to be.. FUN!


Ooh myy.. what a laugh..

Pssttt.. girlss.. I do hope anyone of you would read this and start wondering, hihihi :D

I'm gonna release the message free and let it find the soul who searches for it.

Ohohoho.. this is FUN..

Come on, my messagee.. I want to know how long does it take for you to reach any of them? Hihihi ;)

Happy weekend for you all.

It's a blessing to know you and I hope one day our paths will cross again ^o^

Meanwhilee.. look for some clues, girls!! :D

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