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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Christmas Cards

Picture is taken from :
my own collection of postcards

Tuesday 13/11 (4:44 pm)

This year, I consider myself lucky to have found a place for me to shop cards online where I can buy various type of postcards although I have to buy them in form of a book, or you might say a postcard book :D

Where do I buy them? Well.. I will tell you in another post when I'm in the mood to, ahahahaha :))

Anywayy.. it's nearly mid of November and soon December will say 'hello' to us which means.. Christmas is coming even more closer than ever ^o^

I love Christmas, I always do.. even though I don't have any special traditions to follow, or even special things to do.. sometimes I just spend it at home, but i still like it.

Christmas brings some kind of peace.. it's the season of joy, time to celebrate the love of God for on this day thousand of years ago, He had given His only Son for us so we could have an eternal life :)

Christmas and postcards.. if you browse people's swap albums you might find some of them are filled with Christmas cards, and I lovee seeing them.. 

I love traditional Christmas cards with Santa and snowman, cute curly little children with winter clothes, I also like illustration cards with snow and stuff, ohh myy.. they are all soo gorgeous! I'm not a fan of funny twisted modern Christmas card.. 

Looking at those cards in the swap albums, some of them make me wondering, how does it feel like to be there in the scene of the card? Cause the view is soo lovely, and again it looks so peaceful :D

And as always, I wish it will snow here in Jakarta on Christmas time, ahahaha.. or even better, may it be snowy night just here in my house, ahahahaha, that'd be great.. Christmas seems magical, eh? So I'll keep my fingers crossed for that wish, may one day it come true :))

So, are you ready to welcome Christmas? ;) Have any special plan to celebrate it? Forget not to spread the love around and keep some in your heart always ^o^

Tuesday 13/11 (5:00 pm)


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