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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Books : A Real Christmas This Year

A Real Christmas This YearA Real Christmas This Year by Karen Lynn Williams

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I've read this book some years ago, even the bookstore which I bought this book is no longer existed, huhuhu..

Anywayy.. I don't remember exactly the storyline, except my impression that this was a great book, an enjoyable one to read.. and while browsing through my books' collection, I picked this one to read again.. I'll let you know after I finish reading this one :D


May 13, 2011

Okayy.. as for this book, I decided to update the 'review' as I go. The book that I read is 164 pages, not 144 as what listed here.

I will grab some lines from the books that I find interesting.


The inside summary :

Megan has always loved Christmas, but she knows this year's Christmas will be the best ever. Her little brother, Kevin, who is multiply handicapped, has recently started wearing a special hearing aid and glasses, and for the first time he'll be able to enjoy Christmas with the rest of the family. Megan is making her Christmas gifts so she can save her babysitting money for the class ski trip. She has lots to look forward to.

Then Kevin breaks his hearing aid and glasses, and everything changes. There's no money for replacements, at least not in time for Christmas. Megan's best friend, Amy, doesn't seem to understand how important Kevin is to her, or why Kevin's problems affect the plans Megan and Amy have made. At home there's tension, not Christmas joy, in the air.

But Megan isn't prepared to give up her dream of a real Christmas for herself and her family, no matter what. The discovery that life can turn out even better than her dreams is the most wonderful Christmas gift of all.


May 15, 2011

Yuhuu.. I've finally finished reading this one! And still.. I think this is a wonderful book to read! You will get a glimpse of reality what it feels like having a multiply handicapped child in the family, both from the parents' side and the siblings, what kind of sacrifices you need to make and the mixed emotions related to Kevin.

Wonderful! So, please if you still can find this book somewhere, take time to read it ;)

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