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Saturday, May 21, 2011

CoD : God Do Have A Great Sense Of Humour

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Oh, myy.. ahahahaha, I have just realized something and this is hillarious, ahahahaha..

It's related to what I've posted here before.

Do you know that God has a sense of humour, and not just that, He has such a gReat one?

Ahahahaha.. I know it now and I do laugh at the fact that how I'm soo caught up in seeing things at one perspective only that I (almost) missed seeing that very same thing as a blessing :p

Here's the story..

Before all things happened.. I got a "promise" from someone about something.. and in my religion we should give one tenth of what we got for the work of God.

And since the promised amount was quite large, I tried to 'negotiate' with Him, hihihi.. I said in my heart, "God, what if I only gave one 30th instead of one tenth?", which meant that I would only gave one third of the amount that I should 'let go'.

And there came the day when the promise should not be broken, and tadaaa.. instead of getting the full amount as promised, I only got one third of the promised one, wakakakakakakak..

I didn't get this "funny" side at that time cause I gotta be honest that I was kinda disappointed, huhuhu..

But dunno whyy.. today all the little pieces that I got earlier has formed a conclusion, hahaha..

And I laughed so hard when I realized His sense of humour, hihihi.. because I only intended to give Him one third.. He made His act first by giving me one third, wakakakakak..

And I come to realize about what my friend once said in her posting.. it's not about the amount itself cause God has all the richest in the world, so He surely doesn't need what I have (which comes from Him, too), but.. what He wants is an obedient heart, don't you think?

A heart that knows what's the right thing to do and still do it even when your mind might not like the 'idea', ahahaha..

And after the laugh is gone.. I do realize something else.. about how important it really is to have a right perspective on seeing thing.

Last time I only focus on the 'losing' of things that have never even crossed my mind before, instead of seeing it as a unexpected blessing of how He has given me ten times more than what I had let go before!

So now the question is.. will I mourn over my incapability of buying a branded item orr.. I can rejoice at the fact that I can now dine at a fine restaurant for one whole month? 

Ahahahaha.. isn't it interesting, how the same thing can make you feel totally the opposite when you switch the way you see it? ;)

So again.. we really cannot control what's going on around us, but.. we always have a chance to choose our reaction to the given situation ;)

Have a blessed Saturdayy.. and always remember.. that He has been soo good to us all these times.. just because we might be in an unseemingly pleasant situation, cannot wipe away all the goodness He has given us!

Right? Right! :D

Let's laugh together and wait patiently for His upcoming plan(s) for us, hihihi.. 

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o said...

keren banget ceritanya!
god does love you :) he actually talks to you and you get it :) not many people can have that experience..

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