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Monday, May 23, 2011

My Profile Page

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After such a looooong time.. I decided to update my profile page here on Blogspot :p

My 'old' version of profile is only this : read me and you'll get to know me better than meet me in person.

Ahahaha.. yupp.. that short!

So tonight.. I modify a bit and here's what I come up with..


I'm a moody person who likes wondering about things.. 

If I could have one super power, I would definitely choose flying (without wings) cause I want to be able to see things from a larger perspective.. I think it's fascinating when you can see the same thing from many different angles.. 

Related to that.. I've just realized that I wrote many stories about sky fairies, huehehe.. I like wondering what it's like to touch clouds, to dance with the stars, to paint the rainbow, to sleep on the moon, and soo many other things you can do up there ;)


While I was writing that, I have just realized how true it was about the sky fairies thingy, ahahaha.. while reading some of my old stories, well.. I haven't finished some of them :p but.. all the same, I wrote quite much things related to fairies, especially sky fairies, dunno why.. they attracted me more than any other fairies although they all can fly, hahaa..

And I also realized that I like writing stories that doesn't need to be logical, wakakakakak.. it's more fun to me that way.. so I need not to argue whether it's 'real' or not.. cause anything can happen in a 'fantasy' world, right? :p

Okay now.. it's time to go to bed and have some dreams.. nite2 all ;)

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