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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Favourite Cards

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It has been for about 11 months (338 days) since the first time I registered an account at Postcrossing, and I spent the first 2 months inactive, wakakakakak.. so from the 3rd month I started sending my very 1st card via Postcrossing.. and waiting for my card to be registered cause it's the only way that I would get my very 1st card from a stranger.

And now.. months later.. I'm still hooked with this postcards' projects.. 

As for today, I have officially sent 66 cards to 23 countries with the most sent to USA (9 cards), followed by Finland (8 cards) and Russia (7 cards), my 8 other cards are still on their ways to the rightful receivers.

As for the cards that I've officially received 61 cards from 20 countries and again the most ones are from USA (13 cards!), followed by Finland (7 cards) and Germany (6 cards).

And pssttt.. do you know that I have more than 1 account at Postcrossing? Wakakakak.. yupp.. I started being impatient having to wait for such a looooong time for my cards were being registered, that was why I made my 2nd account which as for now has been running for about 4 months (114 days).

In my 2nd account, I've officially sent 19 cards to 13 countries with the most sent to Finland (4 cards), equally followed by Germany, Netherlands and Russia with 2 cards for each country.

As for my official received cards, I'm luckily have received 23 cards by far, ahahaha.. and Finland is still on top with 4 cards, followed equally by Germany, Netherlands and Russia with 3 cards from each country.

And noo.. I didn't stop with 2 accounts only, ahahaha.. for I made another 2 accounts :p But this time the accounts weren't for me for I made those for my niece and my nephew ;)

So I'm gonna be the ones who send the cards but they're gonna be the ones who receive them ;)

And why would I do that?

Well.. I want them to feel the joy like I do when I received those cards from someone I don't even know, ahahaha..

Aside from the official cards, I also made some direct swaps with some other fellow Postcrossers from all around the world.. some of them are really nice and give me really wonderful cards with warm messages while some others.. choose not to inform me at all whether they have received my cards or not and some others just don't bother to send the cards we've agreed to swap, huhuhu..

But heyy.. the nicer ones are much more than the bad ones soo.. I still continue my direct swaps, ahahaha..

And as always, being picky like I always am, I have my own preferences for the cards that I love.. I'm not that interested in buildings or nature, for what captures my heart more is cute cards with cartoonish style, huehehe.. I know.. I know.. maybe I'm childish, wakakakak.. but I reallyy like 'em!

Like these ones..

wonderful cards, don't you just love them? ;)

Another thing that I like is seeing the Postcrossing's gallery page where I can see all the uploaded postcards, and I dunno whyy.. the country which has the most collection of cards that I like is.. Finland! Ahahahaha.. they have such great collection and most of them suit my 'taste' ;)

One of the 'artist' that I like from Finland is.. Inge Look! I just lovee the two old ladies that she made, seems like those two always having fun, despite their ages :p It is such a great reminder that no matter how old you are, you can still have fun and live your life to the fullest, embrace the world and let your heart feel the joy of life :D

Dunno who are the two old ladies I'm talking about? Don't worryy.. I have pics of them, ahahaha.. here they are ;)

they seem like they're having lots of fun, eh?

And sure, since I'm such a moody person, my postcards' journey has its own ups and downs as well :p There were time when I just soo fed up with all the postcards thingie, selecting the cards, stamp huntings and posted them.. but there were also times when I was soo high-spirited in doing the same stuffs, ahahaha..

Care to join? Just go to Postcrossing and surprise someone today with a card of your selection and who knows.. you might paint a smile on someone's face ;)

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