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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CoD : If It's Meant To Be..

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"If it's meant to be then it will happen to you one way or another!"

It's funny how I got today's conclusion of the day via the stamps that I bought at the mobile post office, wakakakak :p

What makes me get this conclusion?

Well, you see, I oftentimes ask the Mail Lady if there's any new stamps each time I go there to send my postcards and today was no difference than any other days.

Then the Mail Lady said, "Oh, there's only one children's day edition" when I asked her and she handed me the sheets. I was more than excited when I saw the sheet cause it was the exact same edition that I saw on the last filateli's exhibition last October!

The same children's stamps that I wanted to buy but I didn't cause I had spent too much on buying another stamps before I saw those children's stamps, huhuhu..

And I kinda regret not buying those stamps at that day, huahahaha..

But look what I've got today when I least expect that one day I might get those stamps again ;)

So that's the story that leads me to today's conclusion and this also leads me to another conclusion about "time".

The "perfect" time that everything that happens to us is in "order" and at the "exact" right time to happen to us.

Cause if I did buy the stamp on the exhibition then I might not get the conclusion now, right? Ahahaha..

Anywayy.. just want to say that I'm happy to get the stamps, yeaahh.. I'll upload the pics later tonight :D

Happy Wednesdayy ;)

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ge siahaya said...

Phew... what a great way to finally come to the conclusion ^_^

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