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Friday, January 14, 2011

Canada's Next Top Model 3 : You're Beautiful

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There's something that Meaghan said to Nikita that touched me, huhuhu..

It's in the final 3 of Canada's Next Top Model season 3 when Meaghan and Nikita were in the bottom 2.

And Jay called Meaghan's name which meant Nikita was out from the competition.

And immediately after Jay said Meaghan's name, she hugged Nikita and told her, "You're beautiful, look at me.. look at me, you are beautiful and don't let anyone tell you differently!"

Huhuhu.. that moment was so touchy to me, ihikss..

And that's a powerful saying.. how many times we let what others say bring us down?

So I guess in the end, it's about having that confident within yourself.

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