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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

QoD : Being Picky

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One of the thing I like doing lately is sending myself text messages anytime I have a flash of thoughts and just too lazy to grab some piece of paper to write it down before it's gone, ahahaha..

The problem is.. sometimes I keep old messages in my inbox so that the thing(s) I sent to myself as a reminder to be posted on this blog got forgotten :p

This question actually popped in my head on December 24, 2010, but since at that time I had no access to the internet, I just SMS-ed it to me, hihihi..

"Is it wrong on being picky and when you can't share love equally?"

What's your answer for that one? ;)

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neta said...

I think it's not wrong. But it's not about sharing love equally or not. It's about energy. Love is about give & take. You can only give as much as the other person can receive. That's according to me :)

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