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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

CoD : Having Too Many Access

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"Having too much access for something or someone sometimes ain't a great thing for at times it triggers the (unnecessary) fights!"

For example the free sms from the cellphone operator.You know when you've sent 2 sms, you get 100 free sms to any operator so you can send lots and lots sms to your friend.

And sometimes in order not to let your "free" sms be wasted, so you start texting your friend, asking or informing some casual talk which might end up in heated unnecessary arguments which might not happen if you need to pay for each sms you send!


Cause reallyy.. you wouldn't ask such things if you have to pay for it.

So it brought me back to similar conclusion I got some time ago, you know.. that sometimes limitation and boundaries ain't always a bad thing for at times it proves save us from unnecessary troubles!

And for you, please.. I don't mind you asking me anything, feel free to do so but you have to remember that I have NO obligation to answer each question you ask me!!

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