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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What A Lovely (Yester)Dayy!!

 Picture is taken from : own collection

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Yesterday was definitely one of the loveliest day in my January 2011.


Simply because on that day I got something that I've been longing to have since long, ahahaha..

And what is that thing?

It's none other than the above pic, it's a postcard from Finland, a great artwork by Inge Look, I just loovee this series about 2 grannies!

Can't you see how in their golden ages, they are still that enthusiastic and energetic in living their lifes? It's like a confirmation that ages don't really matter cause you can still have fun no matter how old you are ;)

And I just lovee seeing those cards by Inge Look ^o^

But I'm not lucky enough to get a Finnish postcrosser who sent me one, huhuhu.. the other Finnish postcrossers sent me cards before I put about Inge Look's card in my profile page.

It really is a nicest surprise of the month :D

And to make it even more 'complete', I got a series of stamps that I like, the astronomy series, huehehehe..


So my conclusion of the day is : when getting what you want when you still want it, it really gives you a marvellous feeling!

One other conclusion is that.. one way or another you can still have what you want in unexpected place and unexpected times, this brings back the sense of hopes that we surely shouldn't lose our hopes cause at exactly the 'right' time you will get what you really 'need', huehehehe ;)

Oh okayy.. about that stamp, it might not be what I need but more of what I want, ahahaha.. but anyway, I can have a slightly different conclusion than what really happened, right? Wakakakak :p

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