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Monday, December 13, 2010

QoD : Why Keep Hurting Each Other?

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"Why do we keep hurting the one(s) who are close to us?"

A friend of mine once said that if you get offended, if you're hurt by what someone said, it means that your heart might not be in a good shape so that you get hurt by those saying.

But I say.. even the healthiest heart might become sick if you get a continuous stabs in your heart.

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bridge said...

people hurt other people when they hurt by somebody else but can't retort back to that somebody. So they find someone else...including their own friends.

neta said...

yep i agree with what bridge says..
people hurt others because they've been hurted by others when they were vulnerable..

-Indah- said...

Riaa.. I know.. a part of me knows perfectly that only the hurt one(s) will hurt the others, but another part of me just can't accept it, huhuhu..

Netaa.. why didn't that person look for any way to heal him/herself instead of keep hurting another? :(

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