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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What Do I Want To Drop?!

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If you asked me (oh, please do ask, cause if you don't then I might not be able to answer, wakakakak :p) what are the things that I would like to drop in 2011?

The main thing I guess is..

Dropping the commitment(s), huahahaha..

Sounds odd, ehh?

But seriouslyy.. I don't want to make troubles for myself by having too many commitments at one time and for a looong period!

It takes my breath away trying to keep up with it and at times it might feel like a burden..

Like posting weekly in the blog(s) I share with my friends and my cousin, well.. since I'm the one who asked them to make weekly posting in our blog, so at least I should be the one who try to keep the commitment, right?

But goshh.. keeping that commitment in 3 different blogs is sometimes too hard for me, hahaha.. feels like I've just posted there but another new week comes along and I need to think of something else to write, huahahaha..

I know I can just copy paste the song lyric, but I want something more personal and lately I felt kinda lose touch with my own writings there cause I feel like when I write it feels more like an obligation then something that I want to do and feels joy in doing it, ahahahaha..

And this year indeed has been the year of commitments, one way or another, mostly related to writings.. and sadly to say.. neither of them is successfull enough, huhuhu..

I don't have 52 short stories, probably only got less than 40 by far and within less than 3 weeks to "end" this year, I don't think I could make it to the quota needed, ihikss..

It's the down part of being someone who relies too much on moods.. cause I can't force myself to make something when I'm not in the mood, too, otherwise even if I could finish something, I might not like the result, huahahaha :p

So I feel like I need to slow it down a bit.. to find my own rhythm again and follow it.. aahh, that reminds me of the very thing that I witnessed couple Wednesdays ago!

Ohh myy.. how could I forget about that? Haiyyaa.. this is the problem when I always delay writing something, huhuhu..

Will I regret this decision? I don't know..

But I know I'm no good with pressures, ahahaha.. I need my own time, my own way.. to do my own things.. and not to be limited by many rules or deadlines..

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