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Thursday, December 30, 2010

CoD : The Sands, The Waves & God's Love

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When I was walking down the beach the other days while feeling the sands on my feet and sometimes the water also splashed to my feet..

A flash of thoughts came to my mind..

Perhaps.. God's love is like the waves, the neverending waves which will surely bring the water to the shore to meet the sands.. but oftentimes we might not be able to feel it when we're standing too far away from where the waves touch the sands.

And some other times when the waves are too strong, we might even stumble and get wet by the water.

Maybe it's the same with God's love..

The reason why at times we might not be able to feel His love is because we know exactly where we should be heading to but we always choose to go the other way!

Like the sands and the waves and where you stand.. you know you can't feel the water if you're standing so very far away from the shores.

And just because you can't feel it doesn't mean that it's not there!


Thank You, God, from making me see the sands and the waves and Your loves from other perspective :)

I know that You're there and always around but maybe at times I was the one who always look into another direction so that I couldn't find You anywhere!

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