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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tadaa.. I Finally Got It!!

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Today is such a happy day for me.. I have some small nice things for today, yeaahh..

One of those nice things is.. I finally got myself a mailbox, woohoo.. yeah yeaahh.. I'm kinda fed up getting my postcards being folded by Mr. P!, huhuhu..

So I bought a mailbox today, woohoo.. and tomorrow it will be hanged on the front of the house so Mr. P! can put all the mails in there, instead of stucking them in the gate :p

And to make it more personalized, I drew some flowers at the upper side of the mailbox, ain't look that pretty, hahaha, but I still lovee it! And I also put the number of my house right below the words "Kotak Surat".

should be sunflowers, hahaha :p

I'm happy happy happyy.. now I'm gonna have some beauty sleep, hehehe..

See you tomorrow!!

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2 raindrops:

bridge said...

ditambahin lebih banyak personalized items :)

Tiara R. Widiastuti said...

hmm... bunganya gak mirip sunflower dan sungguh-sungguh "should be sunflowers". damai ya, mbak Indah... :D

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