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Saturday, December 18, 2010

CoD : The Only Constant Thing

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I come to realize that..

"The only constant thing in this world is changes."

Huahahaha.. I know I knoww.. I should've known about this looooong time ago, ehh? :p

But at times I found myself as the type who doesn't adapt well to changes, huehehehe, so that I'd lovee things to be the same for such a long loooong time..

But of course, it's only a wishful thinking for whether I like it or not, things change.. no matter how hard you try to make it stay the same.. it changes..

Feelings, people.. they come and go.. sometimes they're coming back our ways.. at times they're not.. and it's part of life that is inevitable..

And for most of times, especially when you're in a bad baaad situation, don't you feel glad to know that your condition is only temporary for everything in this world has its own end, so is you bad situation which (finally) might change sooner than you expect.

I guess I need to let go of my unrealistic "hope" for things to stay the same always for life itself has its own ups and downs to make it balance..

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bridge said...

but when we are in a bad situation it seems endless... Especially if you are having it for months....

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